2010-05-25 02:59:55 by IMP-the-IMP

Bah, I'm just too busy.

I'mah'bandoning the Borderlands Parody flash..for now.
I have other things that need tending to, and animating was never really my thing.

I mayyy come back to it, but chances are I'll just get bored of the idea and forget about it all together.

Gonna stick with drawing for now.

Say if you want a free commission then PM me. I'm a little strapped for ideas at the moment.
If I like your suggestion I might give it a shot!




2010-04-12 02:24:26 by IMP-the-IMP

Hey all,

The name is IMPtheIMP and I've been hanging around on Newgrounds for longer than my sign up date would suggest.
I don't rate, comment, or post very much as I have other things to do through-out my day.

I am no troll, like 80% of the members of this website (unfortunately) are.


I am currently making my very own Flash movie based on the recent game 'Borderlands'.
I'm not much of an animator myself, but I know my way around Adobe Flash CS4 pretty well and possess somewill to animate.

Photoshop drawing is my area of 'expertise', so animating shall be a new and interesting challenge.
To view my deviantArt account, click this link below :D
IMP-the-IMP on DA

I wish you all well and hope you grant me the same courtesy