Entry #1


2010-04-12 02:24:26 by IMP-the-IMP

Hey all,

The name is IMPtheIMP and I've been hanging around on Newgrounds for longer than my sign up date would suggest.
I don't rate, comment, or post very much as I have other things to do through-out my day.

I am no troll, like 80% of the members of this website (unfortunately) are.


I am currently making my very own Flash movie based on the recent game 'Borderlands'.
I'm not much of an animator myself, but I know my way around Adobe Flash CS4 pretty well and possess somewill to animate.

Photoshop drawing is my area of 'expertise', so animating shall be a new and interesting challenge.
To view my deviantArt account, click this link below :D
IMP-the-IMP on DA

I wish you all well and hope you grant me the same courtesy



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2010-04-12 04:35:15

nice, i cant wait to see your work (y)

IMP-the-IMP responds:

Why thankyou Crummy ;D